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Our priorities are exclusive insurance leads.


Sales-Trained Staff

Our HIGHLY SKILLED call center is staffed with customer-friendly, tech-savvy employees. They are vetted for English fluency and sales experience, and trained in the fundamentals of life insurance and Medicare.

Scrubbed Data

Sales data is scrubbed and TCPA compliant and then loaded into our state-of-the-art CRM dialing platform. Our cutting-edge system promotes efficiency to maximize leads generated - keeping prices low for agents.

Filtered Demographics

The data is then filtered according to state, county, zip code, or cities you've selected. We target demographics to generate life insurance leads between the ages of 45 to 85 years old and between the income ranges of $15,000-$90,000.

Final Expense Script

Leads are generated using a script designed to make it easier for agents to call back. This enables agents to follow up more effectively and set more appointments.

Quality Control Process

After a senior requests more information about Final Expense options, the call recording is sent to management for review. This quality control process ensures that only leads that are interested in more information are sent to agents.

Prompt Delivery

The leads are then organized into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet and delivered to the agent within 7 business days after ordering. The data can be uploaded into the agent's choice of CRM or dialing software.

Grow Your Business Today

Investing in a Medicare Advantage lead generation campaign is so much more than just investing in your business. It’s investing in yourself. If you’re interested in generating exclusive Medicare Advantage leads for your business, get a free quote today.
In addition to Medicare Advantage leads, we offer a variety of other sales leads for the senior market, including turning 65 leads, final expense leads, Medicare Supplements leads, and more.

Leads That Deliver Results

Quality leads can increase your momentum in converting prospects to clients. And with our 100% exclusive, high-quality, and low-cost leads easily.

Falcon's BPO Is Your Choice

Are you an independent medicare sales agent? Are you an agency owner who wants to help your agents out? Well you’ve come to the right place for that.
We have the perfect solution for you and your business with our 100% TCPA compliant DNC Litigator Scrubbed call back leads you can get yourself in front of all your competitors allowing you to boost your sales easily.

Leads That Deliver Results

We know compliance is the most important thing and make sure every lead is compliant and all of our clients have the peace of mind knowing they will never encounter a litigator and have to face lengthy court cases.